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Founder and Certified Life Coach

Ashley Watkins, ACC, M.A.T., brings over two decades of experience in education to her role as a Teen and Young Adult Life Coach. With a background as a high school journalism and English teacher, Ashley discovered her true calling lay in supporting the social and emotional growth of her students. This realization prompted her transition into coaching, a path she pursued with dedication and passion.

Certified by Coach Training EDU in February 2021, Ashley established her practice, Ashley Watkins Coaching, where she engages in personalized one-on-one sessions with teens and young adults. Her primary focus is on empowering her clients to cultivate mental well-being without resorting to self-medication. Additionally, Ashley leverages her expertise as a Professional Learning Consultant with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, where she aids teachers in implementing digital literacy programs, further extending her impact in the educational realm.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Ashley finds joy in various activities. Whether she's immersing herself in nature through hiking, camping, and kayaking, trying new recipes in the kitchen or exploring new dining experiences, delving into a good book, or tuning into thought-provoking podcasts, Ashley embraces life with enthusiasm and curiosity.

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